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Elden the Dragon of Tech by forgotten-light Elden the Dragon of Tech by forgotten-light
This is just a quick ref for a character from my story Urban Sidhe. His name is Elden and he is a half-dragon.

Those are piercings on his lips. Snake bite style. Also his hair is deliberately that shade of red.

His backstory isn't important to the plot, so I can give a little info.

Elden is about 21 years old, and yes is like I said half dragon. In the world his story takes place mythical creatures can take humen(ish) form and will sometimes travel to the city for goods or whatnot. Some creatures will travel often, some never do it depends on thier personalities (just like anybody else) Half breeds can be born, they just aren't that often due to obvious differences between races. Many magical creatures live hundreds of years so there is the lifetime difference as well as just the obvious differences between races. Half breeds aren't treated bad, or subjected to any prejudice really. People are more surprised when they meet one.

Elden's dad was a jewlery maker and meet Elden's mother when he repaired some jewlery for her. He enjoyed her company so much that he attempted to court her and would make her jewlery. Elden's mother feel for the sweet and gentle man and they ended up getting married, and his father moved to the foresst to live with his wife.

Red dragons in humen form have deep red hair, tan skin, and their eyes usually are either red to yellow/gold. Elden has his father's eyes, and red scales in patches in various places around his body. He cannot change form.

Elden had a happy enough childhood. Both his parents love him dearly and most the other dragons were understanding about the fact he wasn't full dragon though he was teased quite a bit when he was young by the other dragons the same age as him. He is now okay with himself, but asked to live in the city since he wasn't suited to the forest. He moved to the city when he was 16, and quickly feel in love with technology.

Elden is very smart, and enjoys working with technology. He doesn't know any magic, and though he is smart enough to be great at it his head is so full of tech info there isn't much room. He is known as a Teky (tech-ie, I swear I spent three minutes trying figure out how to spell it so it sounded right when read. Ugh.) He also doesn't judge others based on looks, but also since he grew up outside the city he can see the world more clearly. He is fiercly loyal, and loves shiney things. Also he is a bit on the short side. Elden is also a huge fan of Snow White the idol/singer.

Additional: I totally imagine Elden's parents being super lovey-dovey ALL THE TIME. Calling each other cutesy names. Elden's dad totally fawns over how pretty his wife is when she is a dragon, and Elden's mom talks about how small and cute her husband is. This is probably part of the reason Elden left the forest.
SnowFright Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Oooh new character! Colour me intrigued! I love his background and the description of the world he lives in - looking forward to more! :D
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