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Queen of Nutrition by forgotten-light
Queen of Nutrition

Meet Courtnie, Queen of Nutrition (one of the five Queens) though she isn’t terribly fond of that name. It was either that or Queen Earth, and though she is quite the mother earth type, she is one to nag about eating right.

Courtnie’s faction is in charge of farming, hunting, breeding stock, and making sure everyone gets enough to eat. They also, save and store food and water for harsh times. In fact her faction has the largest overlap for all the factions, since when they need some extra hands, those who have the time often help out. The protectors guarding the farms often will be found weeding, or helping out in some other ways.

Courtnie is the most motherly of all the Queens and often has a flock of young ones following her around as she helps out in the fields. Her happy and sunny attitude inspires those around her and makes farming and other jobs not a chore. She is also the most likely to be the dirtiest of all the Queens, often covered in mud and dirt. 

But like everyone else in the Queendom, her past hides dark scars. (hide though is the wrong word, nothing is hidden from others, ask and she will tell you about anything) She is the main reason alcohol is frowned upon in their territory.

List of Queens

Florencia, Queen of the Protectors
Karla, Queen of the Scavengers
Berdine, Queen of the Techies
Reeta, Queen of the Healers
Courtnie, Queen of Nutrition

Crystal Gem Temple by forgotten-light
Crystal Gem Temple
I did it I am done!! *dies* My contribution to the Steven Universe fandom. I didn’t feel good enough to do something big with the characters, but man oh man I do love the backgrounds in this show. I am so very happy with how this turned out.
Been on a Magical Girl kick recently and I've been trying to find magical girl webcomics. Any ones to recommend?

So far, I already read Mahou Shonen Fight (magical boys are good too :))

Sleepless Domain

How I Loathe Being a Magical Girl…

but those are the only ones I know of. I'm open to any and all types, playing it straight, comedy/parody, horror, it's all good. Basically if it centers around magical girls (or boys) then I am interested.

Give me things to read plz. :D

Webcomics only though, I am currently working my way through anime and manga, but I'm looking for indie/non mainstream stuff to add to my list.
Strategies of Companions and Strangers by forgotten-light
Strategies of Companions and Strangers
Title: Strategies of Companions and Strangers (Formerly: Betaware Alliance)

A group of young women find themselves roommates together. Each plagued by their own prejudices of what it means to be a women, and perceptions of each other, together they discover that there is no right answer. As well as coming to terms with their own flaws, and issues.

Prunella: (The girl drawing) Borderline Otaku, (by the original definition) and bit of a pervert. She draws self-published comics, but can't write stories so she outsources her writing to her girlfriend. (not pictured) Has a wide knowledge of anime and manga. Personality wise, she is a pretty happy and outgoing person. Especially when it comes to things in her field of interest. Fashion is not her forte' and most of her decent looking clothes are picked out by her girlfriend. Nerd Category: Otaku, and artist.

Celeste: (Blonde, playing game) On the surface, stereotypical blonde chick. She loves cute things, shopping for clothes, dressing up, and takes pride in her appearance. But under that she is a hard core gamer. Her current day job is at a cafe' but she is also a college student. She isn't very upfront though about what she is studying. she is the middle child, and only has brothers. Nerd Category: Hard core gamer.

Skyler: (Redhead trying to read) Owner of the house, and is the one renting the rooms out to the others. Recently divorced, and not on the best terms with her ex. Likes games and reading, but gave a fair bit of it up when she got married. She currently is having a bit of a crisis, and isn't quite sure what she wants out of her life. she is only renting out the rooms because she can't afford the 4 bedroom house on her own, and expects she will have to be the 'mother' of the group, and doesn't expect to like any of the girls she rents too. She seems mature, but most of it is a sham. She acts how she believes she is supposed to act. Her money comes from romance novels she writes, though it is a closely guarded secret. Since she is so ashamed of it. Nerd Category: Book worm.

Renita: (black hair on floor)  The vocal, avid feminist. She tries her hardest to not be 'feminine' and her style leans toward punk. Her day job is a tech support rep. (she helps angry customers over the phone all day) She enjoys cooking and cleaning, but by god she won't admit that to anyone. Though she often seems angry, she is often just scared and unsure of herself. She also is a fan of cute shows, but again, hates to play into the 'stereotype' so she keeps it to herself. Nerd Category: Western Animation and comic book lover.

Original designs:…

I would love to do something with this guys, but at the moment not sure what.
I haven't been all that active on DA of late. Mostly because of the art I've been doing, they either end up unfinished, are just sketches or part of my larger project that can't post yet.

Good news is I bought a new tablet. Not the big fancy one, I initially thought I wanted. I ended up returning it. Biggest reason being I didn't like the feel (and my desk isn't big enough for it either) so I bought a cute little bamboo tablet instead. It turns out to have a smaller drawing surface then my old one, but, turns out that I am fine with that. I have been drawing in my sketchbook, but haven't really bothered to take photos so I can post any of the pictures.

Bad news is my wisdom teeth have to come out, and I'm scheduled for surgery this friday. Not only am I not excited for that anyway, but blech on medical expenses. Thankfully I had enough in my savings to pay for the surgery (ugh still without a job) but I'm ridiculously scared to get my wisdom teeth removed.

Lifewise though, even though we listed the house it didn't sell. Which is sorta okay, cause I really like this house, but bad because we were hoping to move into something cheaper. (No job = I can't help with expenses) I am finally able to get into some of my stuff that has been packed away for ages now. Which is nice, but slow and tedious work.

I also have been continuing to work on a personal project and good god am I slow at it. I've got to figure out a way to boost my productivity. I've been on this for what? A year almost? and I'm halfway through page 4. Ugh I'm the slowest comic artist ever I swear. But the other option would be to cut down on quality and I can't do that or I won't have the motivation to do anymore. Chapter 1 has 7 pages and as soon as I finish chapter 1 I will start posting pages. Maybe sometime during the next three pages I will actually work out a system.

Oh and I had a birthday. It was uneventful at the least and just made me feel old and useless. Plus I've been feeling lonely in the relationship sense. I want to hang out and cuddle with someone I find attractive, but for various reasons, I feel like I'll be lonely forever. But I'm not about to jump into a relationship with the first guy who asks because I am desperate. I'll take forever alone over being in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship.
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Find the magic behind the story
United States
Drawing is my life and I honestly hope to be able to do something with it eventually but for now I just draw in my spare time. I'm a bit of a hermit, but mostly because I'm shy, or busy drawing. I'm easily intimitatied by artist who are younger then me and much better, but I try to improve and not dwell on it TOO much.

Current Residence: a rusty hamster wheel

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