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Doopey Dog by forgotten-light
Doopey Dog
I originally wasn't going to put this up on DA, since it was mostly done for practice along with a few other animal pics, but dang if I don't actually like how this turned out.

Edit: My bad, I didn't put up a link to the stock photo I used Dog Stock 151
Improvement Meme by forgotten-light
Improvement Meme
Mostly put this together for myself. Sometimes it's hard to see your own improvement when you are too close.
Sketchdump by forgotten-light
Assorted pics I never got around to finishing.
Escher by forgotten-light

Escher lives in a future where women have few rights. “Studies” have shown that women aren’t as strong or intelligent as men. To be able to get a public education, all children are evaluated at the age of 5 and those deemed with potential are allowed to go to school.

Escher has been lucky to be born the son of a open-minded scientist father. He and the majority of the male population received enough early education to pass the evaluations. Women aren’t allowed to turn down sexual advances, and with contraception expensive and abortion illegal women are constantly pregnant.

The father of the child has the choice of taking in the child, but if they choose not to the women is forced to raise the child. Fathers are most likely to take in sons, and marriage is usually used to ‘own’ a women. Once a women is married she is no longer forced to accept other guys advances, and is just owned by her husband.

Escher’s parents are ‘odd’ since his father does truly care for his mom.

Over the years though less girls have been born every year, and Escher discovers he may have the key to what is going on. Between that and wanting to protect the girl he loves, despite his father forbidding him from having girlfriends, Escher’s life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

The twist: Escher has been raised as a boy, but was born as a girl. His parents have lied to him and the world to give him a better life. Turns out that the female population isn’t getting smaller, girls are just disguising themselves as boys more and more each year.

Escher: Secretly likes cute things, but keeps it hidden so not to appear weak. Came home proud after getting in his first big fight. His father congratulated him with a sad look in his eye, and his mom sobbed, held him close calling him her little baby, especially after she realized the gash on his face would scar. Escher loves his parents even though he thinks they are a bit, odd. He is really smart and looks to be following in his father’s footsteps.

Vendela: She is one of the few girls in Escher’s school. She has wild frizzy hair and freckles, and a fairly large dark birthmark on her face. She is also on the curvy side. She gets bullied a lot, and taunted that since she is so unattractive she needs to try and be smart. (Not that they think she is all that smart anyway) Her and Escher often will sneak kisses when they are studying together.

Vendela is unaware as is Escher that Escher was born biologically female. Even after they both find out, they stay together.

So, a while a go I had this idea of taking what would otherwise be standard type dysopian stories and mixing them up. This idea is what sprang up. I don’t really plan on doing anything with it, but I felt like drawing something for it.

Value of a Thneed pg 003 by forgotten-light
Value of a Thneed pg 003
The Holidays really kick my butt. So sorry I haven't been in the mood to do more pages. I am excited to show off this page. The main character finally makes their appearance, the beautiful thneed. ;p
It doesn't matter terribly to the plot, and it will eventually get worked into the story in passing, but Alexis, looks for and collects various items such as canned goods, spices, and anything small of value. She only has her pouch and needs to travel far with her collection so she can't take much.
Since this is only page 3, I do hope to eventually answer most questions about Alexis, and the world she lives in, but questions are more then welcomed in the comments. I'll answer what I can.
I might also be excited for something else that shows up on this page. ;)

Previous page: Value of a Thneed pg 002
Next Page: Coming soon
I haven't been all that active on DA of late. Mostly because of the art I've been doing, they either end up unfinished, are just sketches or part of my larger project that can't post yet.

Good news is I bought a new tablet. Not the big fancy one, I initially thought I wanted. I ended up returning it. Biggest reason being I didn't like the feel (and my desk isn't big enough for it either) so I bought a cute little bamboo tablet instead. It turns out to have a smaller drawing surface then my old one, but, turns out that I am fine with that. I have been drawing in my sketchbook, but haven't really bothered to take photos so I can post any of the pictures.

Bad news is my wisdom teeth have to come out, and I'm scheduled for surgery this friday. Not only am I not excited for that anyway, but blech on medical expenses. Thankfully I had enough in my savings to pay for the surgery (ugh still without a job) but I'm ridiculously scared to get my wisdom teeth removed.

Lifewise though, even though we listed the house it didn't sell. Which is sorta okay, cause I really like this house, but bad because we were hoping to move into something cheaper. (No job = I can't help with expenses) I am finally able to get into some of my stuff that has been packed away for ages now. Which is nice, but slow and tedious work.

I also have been continuing to work on a personal project and good god am I slow at it. I've got to figure out a way to boost my productivity. I've been on this for what? A year almost? and I'm halfway through page 4. Ugh I'm the slowest comic artist ever I swear. But the other option would be to cut down on quality and I can't do that or I won't have the motivation to do anymore. Chapter 1 has 7 pages and as soon as I finish chapter 1 I will start posting pages. Maybe sometime during the next three pages I will actually work out a system.

Oh and I had a birthday. It was uneventful at the least and just made me feel old and useless. Plus I've been feeling lonely in the relationship sense. I want to hang out and cuddle with someone I find attractive, but for various reasons, I feel like I'll be lonely forever. But I'm not about to jump into a relationship with the first guy who asks because I am desperate. I'll take forever alone over being in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship.
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Find the magic behind the story
United States
Drawing is my life and I honestly hope to be able to do something with it eventually but for now I just draw in my spare time. I'm a bit of a hermit, but mostly because I'm shy, or busy drawing. I'm easily intimitatied by artist who are younger then me and much better, but I try to improve and not dwell on it TOO much.

Current Residence: a rusty hamster wheel

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