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Not Quite Immortal

There is a reason that the search for immortality is forbidden, but Mindy was never one for listen to reason. It also doesn’t help when your girlfriend is paranoid and has access to a lot restricted books, and you recently had a bad accident.

A botched spell later Mindy isn’t quite immortal, but she can’t quite die either. Half life has it perks, when her heart stops to beat she loses her normal limits and becomes inhumanly strong. (A good thing for a professional magical bodyguard) Magic holds her body together, so she just has to put a severed limb back in place. (She also doesn’t has to sleep, eat, or breath when ‘dead’)

Going back to normal is a little harder, but she can heal and go back to being fully alive if she consumes magic. The more damage that is done the greater amount of magic that needs to  be consumed.

Together they start a curse/spell removal agency. For the money, and access to magic for Mindy to eat when she gets too injured. Mindy is the muscle and legwork, and her girlfriend is the expert in magic.

(Little idea I have had in my head for a while, kind of a necromancer and undead romance… sorta. I just used a character design I made ages ago for this.)

Random Gemsona I made up for fun. Might even make a few more.

Background made by :iconai-bee:

Even a Queen Cries

It’s not easy being the Protector Queen, with the safety of the whole Queendom on her shoulders. Usually the daily stresses of being a Queen don’t get Florencia down, but the memories of the past, and names of those that have been lost, will sometimes overwhelm the survivors.

There isn’t a single citizen of the Queendom who hasn’t suffered loss. A hazard of living in an a post apocalyptic world.

Florencia rules along side her (4) sister Queens, (5 total) in a territory/old city they have claimed as their own after the big disaster the resulted in their post-apocalyptic world. Life is actually pretty good, all this considering, but we all need times to let it out and feel. Even Queens. 
#GtLive in a nutshell
I recently discovered GTLive, so I've been having fun watching their archive, I even caught they second half of one live, which lead to this drawing. Matpat and Steph are loads of fun.
I haven't been all that active on DA of late. Mostly because of the art I've been doing, they either end up unfinished, are just sketches or part of my larger project that can't post yet.

Good news is I bought a new tablet. Not the big fancy one, I initially thought I wanted. I ended up returning it. Biggest reason being I didn't like the feel (and my desk isn't big enough for it either) so I bought a cute little bamboo tablet instead. It turns out to have a smaller drawing surface then my old one, but, turns out that I am fine with that. I have been drawing in my sketchbook, but haven't really bothered to take photos so I can post any of the pictures.

Bad news is my wisdom teeth have to come out, and I'm scheduled for surgery this friday. Not only am I not excited for that anyway, but blech on medical expenses. Thankfully I had enough in my savings to pay for the surgery (ugh still without a job) but I'm ridiculously scared to get my wisdom teeth removed.

Lifewise though, even though we listed the house it didn't sell. Which is sorta okay, cause I really like this house, but bad because we were hoping to move into something cheaper. (No job = I can't help with expenses) I am finally able to get into some of my stuff that has been packed away for ages now. Which is nice, but slow and tedious work.

I also have been continuing to work on a personal project and good god am I slow at it. I've got to figure out a way to boost my productivity. I've been on this for what? A year almost? and I'm halfway through page 4. Ugh I'm the slowest comic artist ever I swear. But the other option would be to cut down on quality and I can't do that or I won't have the motivation to do anymore. Chapter 1 has 7 pages and as soon as I finish chapter 1 I will start posting pages. Maybe sometime during the next three pages I will actually work out a system.

Oh and I had a birthday. It was uneventful at the least and just made me feel old and useless. Plus I've been feeling lonely in the relationship sense. I want to hang out and cuddle with someone I find attractive, but for various reasons, I feel like I'll be lonely forever. But I'm not about to jump into a relationship with the first guy who asks because I am desperate. I'll take forever alone over being in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship.


Find the magic behind the story
United States
Drawing is my life and I honestly hope to be able to do something with it eventually but for now I just draw in my spare time. I'm a bit of a hermit, but mostly because I'm shy, or busy drawing. I'm easily intimitatied by artist who are younger then me and much better, but I try to improve and not dwell on it TOO much.

Current Residence: a rusty hamster wheel


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